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The College of Health Care Professions Fort Worth, Texas

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Programs Available at Our Fort Worth Campus

With nearly a million people in Fort Worth alone, the need for high-quality health care and medical support professionals has never been higher. At the College of Health Care Professions (CHCP), we’re right here with our Fort Worth campus location to help train and certify tomorrow’s support professionals today. What about you? Are you ready to pursue a career in cardiovascular sonography or medical coding & billing? We offer a variety of allied health care programs for aspiring professionals. CHCP’s Fort Worth campus offers certificate programs for Dental Assistant, Cardiovascular Sonography, Limited Medical Radiologic Technologies with MA Skills, Medical Assistant, and Medical Coding and Billing. We also offer an associate degree to earn your AAS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Is a medical support career right for you? Explore all your options for high-quality training and certification at our Fort Worth campus.

Visit our Fort Worth, TX, Campus

CHCP's Fort Worth campus is located in Mercantile Center within the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area also known as The Metroplex. Mercantile Center is located on Interstate 35 West, one-half mile south of Interstate 820 North. Parking is free in the designated lot.

The CHCP Fort Worth campus hours of operation are as follows:

  • Monday - 9:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Tuesday - 9:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Wednesday - 9:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Thursday - 9:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Friday - 8:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Saturday & Sunday - Closed

Fort Worth, TX Campus Features:

Student Ambassador Program

Classrooms and labs stocked with industry standard medical equipment

Designated student lounge and study areas

Frequently Asked Questions about the CHCP Fort Worth Campus

Thinking about pursuing a medical career in Fort Worth, but you need training. CHCP offers a variety of programs to help you begin the path to a health care career. Here are a few Frequently asked questionsabout the CHCP Ft. Worth campus to get you started:

How do I apply for a program at the Fort Worth Campus?

If you are interested in applying to CHCP Fort Worth, you can begin by filling out the application or visiting our campus. You can learn about the program application requirements on each program page. 

What is the price of the programs at CHCP? What is the cost of tuition at CHCP?

You can see the tuition information by visiting our Tuition and Financial Aid Section.

Can I apply for Financial Aid at CHCP?

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the key to obtaining federal financial aid such as grants, student loans, and more. We also offer scholarships and grants based on eligibility and/or need. To learn more about what financial aid options are available, check out our financial aid page.

What is Career Services? Does Career Services guarantee a job?

Career Services is built into every student's lifecycle at CHCP. Each campus has a Career Services Director and team that will work with the students to help them develop as health care professionals. 

How do I contact a staff member or department?

If you are looking to contact the staff member of a specific department, give our campus a call for more information. During our campus tours, we can work with the program directors to set up time to discuss your needs or questions about a program.

Do I need to submit SAT or ACT scores?

CHCP does not require students to submit their ACT or SAT scores upon enrollment. You are required to have a high school diploma or GED. Diplomas issued outside of the United States must be translated and notarized prior to enrollment. Students should be able to fluently read and write in English.

Are home school diplomas accepted?

We accept all high school diplomas or GEDs from locally recognized home school programs. If you are not sure, please bring your diploma and related paperwork.

Why is the program I want not available at this campus?

While we currently may not offer the program you are looking for at the Fort Worth Campus, we are constantly expanding our programs across all campuses. If a program is not offered here, you can also check our Online campus or another campus nearby (if applicable).

What do I do if I am not accepted for the program I want to enroll in?

We have rolling admissions throughout the year. If we do not have a space open, we will work to get you into the next available program start.

Do we offer day and evening classes?

The CHCP Fort Worth campus offers day and evening courses in many of our programs. We also offer innovative blended programs that provide the flexibility to fit into your busy schedule.

Does CHCP Fort Worth accept students of all ages with different backgrounds or degrees?

Yes, CHCP has students from varying background and different stages in their lives. We strive to offer support in any way possible to help them reach their goals.

Will my credits transfer into a CHCP Program?

Depending on the types of courses you took and how long ago you received credit for them, you may be eligible to transfer credits into an qualifying program. Please be sure to provide your official transcript upon enrollment.

Pursue a Career as a Dental Assistant
Earn Your Dental Assistant Certificate Right Here in Fort Worth, TX
CHCP’s Dental Assistant Program in Fort Worth, Texas, is designed to help you start your career as a dental assistant. In this role, you will provide compassionate care for patients undergoing orthodontia and dental x-rays. Your dental assistant certificate program covers everything from dental radiographs and other patient-centered clinical tasks to front-office procedures. And, from our modern dental lab here in Fort Worth, you will learn how to support dentists with procedures like fillings, crowns, extractions, and root canals.  

In addition to a host of professionally focused programs to choose from—including the Dental Assistant certificate—our Fort Worth campus location is perfectly situated in one of the biggest metropolitan areas to prepare you to pursue any number of career opportunities. Plus, with all the nearby shopping centers and leisure activities available to you, you have options for your free time while pursuing your education and career future.

Once you complete your Fort Worth-based dental assistant program at CHCP, you will be prepared to take your certification test and move forward to obtaining your state-registered dental assistant x-ray certification through the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

Pursue a Career as a Pharmacy Technician | Fort Worth Campus
Our Fort Worth, TX, Campus has Your Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program
CHCP’s Pharmacy Technician Program in Fort Worth, Texas is designed to help you prepare for entry-level positions in pharmacies, hospitals, and patient care facilities as a pharmacy technician. As a pharmacy tech, you’ll be expected to provide compassionate patient care in a support role working with a licensed pharmacist. Your Pharmacy Technician certificate program will cover everything from names, uses, and doses of medications, to arithmetic used in pharmacies, record keeping, and pharmacy law and ethics. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete hands-on clinical experience in a pharmacy setting.

After you complete your pharmacy technician program at the CHCP Fort Worth campus, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and insights you need to take the certification test and pursue opportunities throughout Texas.

Enjoy Life While You Learn at CHCP’s Fort Worth Campus
While the campus is focused on helping aspiring professionals gain the skills they need to pursue successful healthcare careers, its easy access to the metroplex means students are never far from a host of options for entertainment, shopping, and dining. A 20-minute car ride brings students to Fort Worth’s Cultural District where they can enjoy museums, memorial centers, rodeos, and more. 15 minutes the other direction puts students in Sundance Square and several restaurants, performing arts, and parks.

CHCP has been helping students achieve their professional goals of working in the health care field for over 30 years. Whether you are looking for a radiology, ultrasound tech, or medical billing and coding program in Fort Worth, CHCP offers a variety of flexible courses. CHCP will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to join exceptional health care teams at hospitals, nursing facilities, physician's offices and other locations.

Ask about our innovative online health care programs  and evening classes that provide the flexibility to fit into your schedule.

 CHCP’s Fort Worth campus offers many training programs that can help you get started on the path to a new career in health care.

More about the CHCP Fort Worth Campus

The health care industry in North Texas is one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy. It supports approximately 331,000 jobs in health care with more than $36 billion in salaries and wages. Fort Worth has a lot to offer for a medical career seeker in the health care industry. In fact, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is home to over 130 hospitals, meaning that there are numerous opportunities for you to start a new health care career once your CHCP education is complete!

Located in the Mercantile Center just off I-35 West and a half-mile from I-820 North, CHCP’s Fort Worth campus location offers eight career-focused programs to choose from, including certificates for Pharmacy TechnicianDental AssistantMedical Assistant, Medical Coding and BillingCardiovascular Sonography, Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist with MA Skills . As home to hundreds of relevant health care services and organizations, graduates of CHCP’s programs will have access to many medical career paths and advancement opportunities throughout the Fort Worth metroplex.

While the campus is focused on helping aspiring professionals gain the skills they need to pursue successful healthcare careers, its convenient access to the metroplex means students are never far from a host of options for entertainment, shopping, and dining. A 20-minute car ride brings students to Fort Worth’s Cultural District where they can enjoy museums, memorial centers, rodeos, and more. 15 minutes the other direction puts students in Sundance Square and several restaurants, performing arts, and parks.

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