The College of Health Care Professions Fort Worth campus, had the pleasure of serving the homeless community by partnering with Love Love, a non-profit organization from Fort Worth, Texas. Their mission is to create positive change and to teach empathy by having faith, giving hope and sharing love to those less fortunate. They believe that kindness is key and everyone should show some love to their city as well as those living in it…and that is exactly what CHCP Fort Worth did!

The journey began with an idea from Senior Career Service Advisor, Ronnie Ridley and Student Ambassador Coordinator, Juan A., and the CHCP Ambassadors, to conduct a Silent Auction. During that time frame, Ronnie sent a proposal to the Campus President for the Project Love Love Homeless Drive. With a collaborative effort, Angel and Ronnie felt that they could make a greater impact by contributing to the same cause.

Each class was given a Silent Auction flyer and they were challenged to create a basket based upon a class vote of a theme. Each student was given a Load Up for Project Love Love flyer with detailed information on the types of donations that were needed by the homeless. The goal was two-fold, first to give a brief introduction of the Career Service Advisors and second to discuss the mission and importance behind both projects.

CHCP Fort Worth campus president, students and faculty present a big check to Love Love organization in front of the 70s Love Love bus

The result was incredible! The Silent Auction had a total of 32 baskets submitted, over 300 bids, and we were able to raise a total of $2,106.00 in a 12 day period. The bids were from staff, students, and visitors of the campus. The student participation was above anything that we could have ever imagined! The staff set a true example of what team work and support really looks like. The Load Up for Project Love Love had over 2,800 items donated:

  • 466 Winter Clothing items
  • 1,684 Personal Hygiene/Grooming items
  • 54 Rain Ponchos, 14 Heavy Duty Tarps
  • 10 Sleeping Bags
  • 641 Non-Perishable Food items
  • 7 Toys  
  • pre-packed 44 women’s draw string bags  
  • 42 men’s draw string bags (draw string bags included 2 Ziploc bags of hygiene items and 1 Ziploc bag of food)


The Load up for Project Love Love took place on November 18, 2021 at the CHCPFort Worth Campus. The event started at 9:30 am with the arrival of the Love Love Bus with President and Co-Founders of Love Love, Eric Love and Lisa Aschenberg. Our Student Ambassadors were introduced and they had an opportunity to be the first to load the bus. Afterwards, we called for all hands on deck from CHCP staff and students to meet at the rally point (the room where all of the donations were stored after properly being sorted for distribution). Forming a single file line, they happily marched through the hallways and out to the parking lot to load the bus, with our mascot Scrubs cheering them on!

As a Campus, they presented Love Love with a check for the amount that we raised. To our surprise, Love Love blessed us with a CHCP plaque for contributing to the community and Ronnie also received a personal plaque for going above and beyond. All departments including, education and admissions, along with the students loaded up the Love Love bus and took pictures in front of the Love Love bus. This was a great community empowerment event that we are more than grateful to have been a part of.

CHCP Fort Worth will continue this partnership with Love Love for years to come.