Student Externships at CHCP

Student Externships at CHCP

The Purpose of an Externship

Externship is a real-life learning experience obtained through working on-site in a healthcare facility while enrolled as a student. Educational programs use different terms for the practicum experience, such as clinicals, externship, internship, hands-on experience, and so forth, but these terms all mean basically the same thing.

The Beneļ¬ts of a Practicum Experience

Your practicum or externship is an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you've acquired in the classroom or online in an actual healthcare setting. Your practicum is with one of our employer partners while you are still a student. It is hands-on training that is one of the most important parts of your education at CHCP and should be completed before you graduate.

Performance Evaluation

Your performance during your practicum will be evaluated based on criteria established by your educational program. You will likely receive a grade based on your attendance, attitude, appearance, and overall performance, so it's important to do your best. The employees who work at the site know that you are a student. They expect you to be a little bit nervous at first and won't hold you accountable for knowing everything when you start. However, if it's clear that you haven't been well trained before starting your practicum, your deficiencies will become apparent pretty quickly. Feel free to ask questions and show an interest in what goes on at the site, but don't ask the same question repeatedly. Remember the answer and jot it down on a small pocket notepad.

Hear from our employer partner!

One Step Diagnostic is a long time employer partner of The College of Health Care Professions. One Step Diagnostic provides hands-on training to LMRT students during their externship.

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