Accelerate Your Health Care Career

Accelerate Your Health Care Career

Degree Programs to Accelerate your Career

Life is full of career opportunities, and the CHCP Accelerate Program can help you become more marketable in a competitive health care industry. The program is truly "stackable"—meaning that every credit you earn at CHCP can be applied as a block transfer toward your advanced degree. As a CHCP alumni, you will receive savings on tuition too. Best of all, the program is flexible to meet the demands of your busy life. Achieve your goals at your own pace, while working, managing your family, and maintaining your personal life. In addition, we offer year-round courses to fit your schedule.

Meet Gertrudis L. - Health and Medical Administrative Services AAS Degree Graduate

CHCP's Completion degree programs are built for professionals who are balancing everyday life. One successful student was Gertrudis, who graduated in 2019 with the Health and Medical Administrative Services Associate's Degree. When asked why she enrolled, she stated, "I enrolled online because I wanted to keep my full time employment and be able to take care of my family." 

FAQs about the CHCP Accelerate Program

Who is eligible for the Accelerate program?

Any CHCP student who has graduated with a certificate or associate degree can take advantage of Accelerate to efficiently further their education.

Can non-CHCP grads take advantage of Accelerate?

Absolutely! If you have prior certification, credits at other accredited colleges/universities, or associate degrees, we encourage you to talk to us to learn how Accelerate can help you achieve your next-level degree.

What programs are eligible for the CHCP Accelerate program?

After earning any one of our Allied Health Care Certificate Programs from CHCP or another accredited College/University, you may be eligible for any of our online Associate's or Bachelor's degree programs! This currently includes:

**The Radiologic Technology Track requires you to be a registered LMRT.

How does Accelerate save me time?

CHCP's Accelerate program saves you time by maximizing transfer credits to help you achieve your Bachelor's degree in as few as forty-one months. Flexible online and year-round courses mean you don't to have to wait for courses to become available.

How does CHCP’s Accelerate Program save me money?

CHCP graduates automatically save up to 30%. Maximizing transfer credits means that all students spend less on tuition. Obtaining your degree online saves on ancillary costs, such as transportation and childcare.

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