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CHCP Career Resources

CHCP Career Resources

Transition from student to a health care professional

CHCP is committed to student success that extends beyond the classroom. CHCP Career Services maintains relationships with health care providers to place students in the right career with growth potential. We know that in addition to technical expertise, employers look for candidates with soft skills who can provide patient care in a professional manner and collaborate efficiently within a medical team. CHCP Career Services will help you develop interpersonal skills that go hand-in-hand with your medical training career path.

What does CHCP Career Services do for you?

CHCP Career Services is a central component of the student journey that aids in the transition from student to health care professional. Students work alongside a career service advisor who will prepare them for their health care career. Once students finish their classroom training, a Career Services Advisor will help place students in an externship site with one of our employer partners. CHCP students and alumni are able to benefit from career tools and resources available at our nine ground campuses throughout the state and our online college through our Career Services team.


What services does CHCP Career Services offer?

In order to help you become a well-rounded candidate, Career Services has the following services available:

  • Access to the CHCP statewide network of employers familiar with your educational experience.
  • Guidance for crafting a clear and compelling resume, cover letter, and portfolio.
  • Preparation for the interview process, such as employment research and mock interviews.
  • Assistance with job placement through tools and personalized support.
  • Tips for negotiating pay.

How does externship work?

Externship is the last portion of a student's curriculum to be completed before graduation. A Career Services advisor will assist in placing students in an externship site where they will put what they learned in the classroom into practice while gaining real-world experience and making connections. Often times, students are extended an offer from their externship site.

Will CHCP Career Services help me find a job?

CHCP students and alumni have access to our nationwide network of employers, and our Career Services advisors are available to assist in job search. For more about career services, please be sure to contact your campus.

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