CHCP Career Services

CHCP Career Services

Transition From Student to a Healthcare Professional

CHCP offers lifetime career services that extends beyond the classroom and after graduation. CHCP’s Career Services departmentmaintains relationships with healthcare providers to assist students with their job search in the healthcare industry. In addition to technical expertise, employers look for candidates with soft skills who can provide patient care in a professional manner and collaborate efficiently within a medical team. CHCP Career Services offers coaching in these areas to help students develop interpersonal skills that healthcare providers seek when reviewing candidates to hire.

What does CHCP Career Services do?

CHCP Career Services is a central component of the student journey that aids in transitioning from student to healthcare professionals. Our Career Service Advisors work alongside students to assist in preparation for entry into a healthcare career.  Career Services offers lifetime assistance for CHCP students and graduates, including access to CHCP’s network of employers for job seeking purposes, resume writing, interviewing preparationand to negotiate salaries. 

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Career Tools

Online Career Tools Available for Students and Graduates

Career Edge  is an online resource available to CHCP students that can help with resume writing, cover letters, interview tips, managing social media, and much more! Career Edge is available to all CHCP students and alumni from the day classes start and beyond.


What services does CHCP Career Services offer?

In order to assist students with their job search, CHCP’s Career Services offers the following services: 

  • Access to the CHCP statewide network of employers familiar with CHCP’s students’educational experience.
  • Guidance for crafting a resume, cover letter, and portfolio.
  • Preparation for the interview process, such as employment research and practice interviews.
  • Assistance with job placement through tools and personalized support.
  • Tips for salary negotiations.

Will CHCP Career Services help me find a job?

CHCP students and alumni have access to our nationwide network of employers to search for open healthcare positions. For more about career services, please be sure to contact your campus.

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