CHCP's Student Services, Career Resources and Student Support

CHCP's Student Services, Career Resources and Student Support

Student Services

Deciding to pursue a career in health care with The College of Health Care Professions means opening a door of opportunity. Whether students are undecided or have specific goals about their future, we are determined to help them achieve a fulfilling career path. Once a student enrolls in one of our medical programs, they gain access to our student services that are designed to support them though enrollment, graduation, and beyond.

Health care is in the business of caring for others, and we are no exception. Our team is focused on your future and can help you in the following areas of your health care training:

Financial Aid
Our financial aid staff will help you determine if you are eligible for financial aid assistance and will guide you through payment options.

The registrar's office is available to help with student schedules, student records, and transcripts.

Academic Advising
Academic advising is available to help students navigate through their requirements and courses. Career services works alongside students to prepare them for their externship requirements and ultimately assists them with lining up job opportunities once students graduate and pass their certification exams.

Our team of academic advisors will go over the admissions requirements and give an overview of the programs we offer. We will also help you decide which medical program best fits you and walk you through the enrollment process.

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