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Frequently Asked Questions About Our South San Antonio Campus

Frequently Asked Questions About Our South San Antonio Campus

Frequently Asked Questions About Our South San Antonio Campus

The College of Health Care Professions South San Antonio campus features programs to help you earn a degree or certificate and begin a rewarding health care career in as little as 9 months. With our modern blended learning model, you’ll be completing your education in our classrooms and labs while having the opportunity to fulfill some of your course requirements online. And just like at our other campuses, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience by working with actual patients and professionals for a real-life health care provider through our externship program. We have dozens of local companies ready to welcome you to the real world of administrative and clinical health care.

General FAQ

Where is the South San Antonio campus located?

Our South San Antonio Campus is located at:

1964 SW Military Dr
San Antonio, TX 78221

and can be reached at (210) 957-3826.


What classes are offered?

Our South San Antonio Campus offers a variety of courses, all of them blended, to better accommodate your needs and schedule. We offer the following courses:

Is financial aid available?

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the key to obtaining federal financial aid like grants, student loans, and more used to pay for college. We also offer a scholarship and grants based on eligibility and/or need. To learn more about what financial aid options are available, check out our financial aid page

Medical Coding and Billing

What type of education is needed for medical billing and coding?

Most entry level Medical Coding and Billing jobs in Texas do require some form of certification or degree. This is to ensure that prospective employees have the skills and medical knowledge necessary to perform all the duties required of them.

Is knowledge of human anatomy important for a job in medical coding and billing?

Yes - in fact, one of the first courses in our medical coding and billing curriculum is ‘Overview of Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology,’ where students will learn to identify basic structures, functions and dysfunctions of the body, as well as medical terminology, abbreviations and symbols that are necessary for building a medical vocabulary.

Health & Medical Administrative Services Completion Program - AAS Degree

What types of course work will the Health & Medical Administrative Services curriculum have?

This course is designed to give students the wide range of skills necessary to perform in the health and medical administration field. Students can expect to take courses in fields ranging from business administration and English composition to medical law and ethics.

What happens when I complete all the course work?

Upon successful completion of all course work and externship the student is awarded an Associate’s Degree. Successful completion of course work is defined as completing the program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Dental Assistant

What types of course work can I expect from CHCP’s dental assistant program?

Our blended dental assistant program offers a variety of highly specialized courses, designed and organized in such a way that students will develop the skills needed to obtain patient histories, sterilize instruments, record dental exams, perform dental x-rays and assist dentists in a variety of task throughout the day.

Do I need any prior experience or skills to enroll in the dental assistant program?

Each participant must possess a high school diploma or GED and be able to read and write English. Participants must have good coordination and health, be neat, professional, and must pass the Scholastic Level Exam with a minimum score of 10. Previous knowledge of anatomy or dental terminology and procedures is not required.

Medical Assistant

What does a medical assistant do?

If you are interested in learning about phlebotomy techniques, anatomy, and medical law and ethics, then a career as a medical assistant is for you. You’ll be assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in a variety of administrative and clinical tasks including managing patient records, administering medication, and more!

What types of course work can I expect from CHCP’s medical assistant program?

In our blended medical assistant program, we offer courses ranging from overviews of clinical procedures to medical administration protocols. As a medical assistant, you will be expected to assist physicians in a wide variety of tasks and our certification program reflects that.

Pharmacy Technician

Does CHCP offer blended Pharmacy Technician certifications at all locations?

As of right now, we only offer our unique Pharmacy Technician program at our South San Antonio Campus.

What are the requirements to get accepted into the Pharmacy Technician Program?

Applicants to the Pharmacy Technician Program are required to have a High School Diploma or GED. All entrants must take and pass the Scholastic Level Exam with a minimum score of 14. The participant should also be able to read and write English, have good coordination and be neat and professional at all times. All students must register with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician in trainee along with a background check. Registration will be completed under the supervision of the Pharmacy Technician Program Director prior to the entering Customer Service/Certification Review module. If any unpaid fines or background issues arise from this registration, the student may be withdrawn from school.