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March 2020

How to Access the CHCP Student Portal As an online or ground student, CHCP has built a student portal for you to use from anywhere to access important information about your education. Here’s a go-to guide on how to access and use the CHCP student portal . What is the CHCP student portal? The CHCP online student portal is an important component of the student journey. It is the one-stop-shop that houses student personal information, current credits, GPA, campus information and more. This password-protected secure site allows students to track their progress and attendance. Students should... Read More
CHCP Infection Control Washing your hands
Keeping your hands clean is essential to stop the infection and spread of disease. It is common knowledge that we should wash or sanitize before eating or preparing foods, after using the restroom, blowing your nose, or when dealing with sick or immune-compromised people such as babies or the elderly. However, how do soap and sanitizers work when it comes to destroying viruses and bacteria? And is hand soap or sanitizer better at stopping the spread of germs? How Does Hand Soap Work? While it may seem simple, soap and water can help to remove and destroy many bacteria and viruses. This is due... Read More
All students and faculty have received training in the online platform to be used during the temporary COVID-19 adjustment period. Whether you have taken online classes before or not, CHCP has a wealth of resources available for students to be successful in the online classroom. While in this temporary online situation because of the COVID-19 outbreak, please remember, your first resource for assistance with your online class is to contact your class instructor. Your second avenue for help will be to contact your program director. Please be sure to have each of their contact information... Read More
San Antonio City Building
Three new partnerships were announced today with San Antonio healthcare employers to provide direct pathways to fast-growing jobs in the region. The new partnerships with FastMed Urgent Care, IKARE Mood Trauma Recovery Clinic, and the San Antonio Vascular and Endovascular Clinic (SAVE) are designed to respond to skill gaps in fast-growing healthcare fields like imaging, medical assisting, and medical coding and billing. “One our biggest challenges is finding high-quality healthcare professionals to meet the demands of an increasingly growing medical market in San Antonio for highly skilled... Read More
McGraw-Hill highlights CHCP's accelerated degree programs.
McGraw-Hill released a case study today profiling the experience of Jestina King, a single mother of three, whose valuable certificates helped to lift her family out of poverty. The study highlights how the College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) meets the four key pillars essential to serving adult working learners -- providing a blended and flexible schedule, stackable programs, career-focused education, and holistic student support services. These offerings reflect a shift over the past five years within the education community to a unique, new approach that enrolls students in short-... Read More