As a CHCP student, you have access to a student portal for use from anywhere to access important information about your education. Here’s a how-to guide on accessing and using the CHCP student portal.

What is the CHCP Student Portal? 

The CHCP online student portal is an important component of the student journey. It is the one-stop-shop that houses each student’s personal information, current credits, GPA, campus information, and more. This password-protected secure site allows students to track their progress and attendance. Students should check the portal periodically to make sure that all the information is correct as well as when they need updates about their grade.

How Do I Access the CHCP Student Portal?

The student portal login can be accessed from the CHCP webpage in the navigation bar or by clicking here. The student portal does not require any special software to allow access. Students are to use the username and password that was assigned to them during orientation. If you have trouble accessing the student portal please contact your campus registrar by calling your local CHCP campus

When Will I Need to Access the Student Portal? 

There are a variety of reasons to visit the student portal. In the case that a student’s contact information changes, such as an address or last name change, it is essential that it is updated in the portal. This avoids having incorrect information on official documents like transcripts, diplomas, or financial aid related documents. In addition to personal information, students can:

  • View class schedules
  • View important campus announcements
  • Access faculty contacts if they need to get in touch with someone
  • Track current credits
  • Track degree progress
  • Use the grades and GPA calculator
  • View FAFSA and their award letters
  • View their payment schedule
  • Request unofficial transcripts

Using the CHCP portal is important to all of our students. Please be sure to reach out to your campus if you are having any issues logging in or changing information in the portal.