Mayor of McAllen, Javier Villalobos, was featured today in Diverse Issues in Higher Education for his opinion piece that highlights the impact that first-generation students have on their family’s success and the importance of institutional student support. In the piece, Mayor Villalobos argues that postsecondary institutions must provide the tools and support to first-generation and students from underserved communities to prepare them to keep up with the evolving workforce and economy. 

The Mayor recalls that his older brother was the trailblazer in his family that encouraged the Mayor and his younger siblings to attend college and eventually go on to become lawyers. Mayor Villalobos recognized that some local residents of the city of McAllen, like graduate Daisy Garcia, have benefited from the extended wrap-around support and flexible options that The College for Health Care Professions provides their students and encourage institutions across the nation to improve access and expand their support models for students with unprecedented challenges. 

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