Community is at the center of The College of Health Care Profession’s mission. The CHCP Dallas Campus donated $1,000 to the Healing Hands Ministries. Healing Hands Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides medical, vision, behavioral, and dental care for uninsured and underinsured patients.

The relationship between CHCP and Healing Hands Ministries began when one of the Office Managers reached out to us November 2019 looking for Medical Coding and Billing graduates to hire. They continue to support our school by interviewing qualified candidates, participating in on-campus activities such as Career Fairs, and provide valuable feedback regarding our students' professionalism.

They have trained and hired quite a few of our CHCP students though externship. In fact, one of our graduates, Laura S., has been helping with the supervision and training of newly hired Medical Billers.

Healing Hands currently has two locations in the Dallas area with hopes of expansion. Contributions like ours further their efforts to spread hope to those who need it most. As the organization continues to expand, more Medical Assistants and Medical Coding and Billing candidates are needed to fill positions. CHCP students will be ready to answer the call to action from their community.