CHCP History and Growth

CHCP History and Growth


1953: MacGregor Medical Association is Founded

The College of Health Care Professions began its journey in 1953 when a group of physicians founded MacGregor Medical Association in the world renowned Texas Medical Center. It operated as a physician practice with many locations in Houston and San Antonio.

1988: The College of Health Care Professions Is Formed to Provide Training

In 1988, MacGregor physicians found they needed to provide quality medical training to employees, enabling their skills to be utilized by MacGregor's expanding physician practices. The College of Health Care Professions was founded to provide the needed health care training.

1990: CHCP Approved by the Texas Workforce Committee to Expand

As the years passed, the demand for allied health care workers with specialized training increased, not only within MacGregor Medical Association but also from other health care providers. Hoping to help address this need, and also to provide people with the opportunity to pursue a career in a fast-growing industry, CHCP applied to the Texas Workforce Commission to offer programs to students beyond the scope of MacGregor's in-house needs. That same year, in 1990, CHCP was approved and broadened its student base significantly.

1990 – Present: The College of Health Care Professions Continues to Grow

The College of Health Care Professions has continued to grow and expand throughout the years in order to meet the growing and changing needs for qualified health care professionals. We have nine campuses located in Austin, Houston Southwest, Houston Northwest, Houston Med Center, North San Antonio, South San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and McAllen, as well as a flourishing online program.

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