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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Southwest Houston Campus

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Southwest Houston Campus

General FAQ

Where is the Southwest Houston campus located?

Our Southwest Houston campus is located at:

One Arena Place 
7322 Southwest Freeway Suite 110
Houston, TX 77074
and can be reached at (713) 470-2427

What classes are offered?

Our Southwest Houston Campus offers a wide variety of courses, all of them blended, to better accommodate your needs and schedule. We offer the following courses:

Is Financial Aid available?

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the key to obtaining federal financial aid like grants, student loans, and more used to pay for college. We also offer a scholarship and grants based on eligibility and/or need. To learn more about what financial aid options are available, check out our financial aid page.


Dental Assistant - Certificate 

What are the state registration requirements?

To apply to become a registered dental assistant, a student must successfully complete a mandatory short course approved by The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE). An approved provider list can be found on the TSBDE website: By law, a dental assistant must be registered with TSBDE in order to take x-rays at a dentist's office.


What type of experience can I expect from the Dental Externship?

Students will integrate the practice of all dental assistant responsibilities carried out in a dental office, hospital, or group practice setting under the supervision of a dentist or supervising dental assistant. Expect to use related terminology, dental charting/documentation, vital signs, and infection control procedures.


Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist - Certificate

What type of course work will the Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist Certificate program curriculum have?

Limited medical radiologic technologists are trained to perform routine diagnostic X-ray exams of the skull, extremities and vertebral column. The emphasis of training is on the anatomy of the human body and the proper positioning of the patient to achieve a quality radiograph. Training also includes the history, theory and application of diagnostic X-rays and their effect upon the human body. Students learn the theory of radiation production and the proper procedures and techniques to reduce radiation exposure to the patient and themselves. Students will also learn the operation, maintenance and quality control of the radiology equipment. Skills on medical terminology, professionalism and patient care prepare the student to become an effective member of the health care team and provide quality care to their patients. Graduates will have obtained the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the state licensing exam and find employment in a variety of medical clinics and physicians’ offices. The program objectives are achieved through classroom and clinical hands on training as well as professional development.

What are the program requirements?

Each program participant must have a high school diploma or GED and should be able to read and write English. A background check is required and entrants must pass the Scholastic Level Exam. The participant should also have good coordination, be neat, professional, and be able to lift 40 pounds.


Massage Therapy - Certificate

What are the requirements to get accepted into the Massage Therapy Certificate program?

Each participant must be a minimum of 18 years old, must possess a high school diploma or GED, and be able to read and write English. Participants must have good coordination and health, be neat, professional, and must pass the Scholastic Level Exam. A background check is required. Students must complete all 600 hours of classroom training before attending the 80 hours of clinical internship. Students are required to make-up all missed class hours prior to attending an internship. The complete course of instruction, including internship, must be completed at the school.

What is the classroom attendance policy?

Because of the nature and scope of the training, the College does not differentiate between an excused and non-excused absence in computing the maximum number of allowable absences. A student will be terminated when he/she is absent more than ten (10) consecutive school days or misses more than 15% of the total program hours or 15% of a portion of the program if the student did not enroll into the entire program, whichever comes first.

What is the internship like for the Massage Therapy Certificate program?

Massage therapy students will complete 80 clock hours of clinical training in an on premise clinic, with 60 hours dedicated to performing massages. Students must complete all program hours within one and one-half times the program length, while adhering to the Intern Policy and Procedure.


Medical Assistant - Certificate

What can I expect from the Medical Assistant Certificate program?

The Medical Assistant program prepares students to become entry-level employees in a variety of medical facilities. This is achieved via classroom and clinical hands-on training, as well as professional development. Graduates possess clinical and administrative skills, i.e. EKG’s, Injections, Phlebotomy, Examinations, Patient Histories, Vital Signs, Insurance, Billing, which enable them to perform both front and back office procedures in a physician’s private practice, group medical practice, or long-term medical care facilities, as well as a phlebotomist in a clinical laboratory, physician’s office or hospital. A career as a medical assistant will enable one to have a stepping stone to possible future careers in medicine.

When I start the Medical Assistant Certificate program, what are the introductory classes like?

In our Medical Assistant Certificate program, you will start out learning the basics; we aim to provide all our students with the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed as a medical assistant. Our students start by taking classes like “HIPAA / OSHA / Infection Control,” “Overview of Anatomy & Physiology,” and “Medical Terminology,” so that when they move onto more complex topics, they have the solid foundation they need.


Medical Coding and Billing - Certificate

What type of experience will students gain in this certification program?

Students will gain experience in record-keeping practices for both the hospitals and physician offices, procedures in content and filing of patient medical records, use of a variety of filing systems, to include alpha and numeric. In addition, students gain a general knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology, along with basic knowledge of computers and medical management software. Essentially, students will receive training to equip them to work in insurance companies/offices, physicians’ offices, hospitals, out-patient medical facilities, and long-term care medical facilities.

How much about medical insurance do I need to know before enrolling?

While any previous knowledge is helpful, our Medical Coding and Billing program will teach you everything you need to know. We provide students with a comprehensive overview of all the skills they need to succeed as a medical coder and biller. In fact, one of the first 3 classes students take in this program is "Principles of Insurance," where they will learn the life cycle of health insurance claims including terminology, policies and procedures, and revenue cycles.