Project Management - Online Seminars



This online continuing education unit provides concepts and practice for skills utilized within the aspect of Project Management. These concepts and practice units cover learning objectives related to terminology, tools and techniques that are required to take a project from the initiating process to planning, executing, controlling and closing.


Intended Participants: This seminar is open to individuals employed in a healthcare or business setting as managers, supervisors or coordinators who want to further their knowledge base in project management. Students and graduates are also encouraged to enroll in this seminar.  


  • $800.00


  • 4 Continuing Education Units / 8 Weeks – Online


This course is delivered 100% online. Participants will have 8 weeks to complete the subject matter in the topical outline below. 

Week 1:

  • Modern Project Management (1 hr)
  • Organization Strategy and Project Selection (1 hr)

Week 2:

  • Organization: Structure and Culture (1 hr)
  • Defining the Project (1 hr)

Week 3:

  • Estimating Project Times and Costs (1 hr)
  • Developing a Project Plan (1 hr)

Week 4:

  • Managing Risk (1 hr)
  • Scheduling Resources and Costs (1 hr)
  • Reducing Project Duration (1 hr)

Week 5:

  • Leadership: Being an Effective Project Manager (1 hr)
  • Managing Project Teams (1 hr)

Week 6:

  • Outsourcing: Managing Interorganizational Relations (1 hr)
  • Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation (1 hr)

Week 7:

  • Project Closure (1 hr)
  • International Projects (1 hr)
  • Oversight (1 hr)

Week 8:

  • An Introduction to Agile Project Management (1 hr)
  • Career Paths (1 hr)
This program is available in the following locations:

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