Financial Aid Director, Online Campus



Summary:  Responsible for managing a campus location’s Financial Aid Department in all aspects of its operation and development.  Develop, negotiate, and finalize student financial aid plans in accordance with state, federal, accreditation, and company policies and regulations for awarding and packaging financial aid. Act in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards. The Financial Aid Director will work closely with new, continuing, and re-entry students and their families to ensure that proposed financial aid (whether for new or re-entry students) continues to meet the student’s (and/or families’) needs and best interests. Counsel students about financial aid available based upon their acceptance at CHCP and other matters relevant to student financial aid planning and packaging. In carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position, the Director of Financial Aid must ensure consideration and implementation of the CHCP philosophy, which provides for providing quality services to all students, visitors, and clients; focusing on the development, growth, and involvement of staff members; offering recognition of employees; adhering to sound economic principles; and creating an environment which is conducive to innovation, positive thinking, and expansion.  The Financial Aid Director will have knowledge of FASFA and Title IV funding for students.

Compliance:  CHCP is committed to ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations, including its internal policies and procedures.  Accordingly, employees are expected to be aware of and comply with both internal policies and procedures and outside rules, regulations, and legal requirements which relate to their typical job duties.  This may include, though is not necessarily limited to, those rules, regulations, and legal requirements imposed by the following entities: the U.S. Department of Education, state licensing agency(s) (e.g., Texas Workforce Commission), and the institution’s accrediting agency(s).  To the extent you may have questions or need more information on relevant policies, procedure, rules, regulations, and laws which you must observe and with which you must comply, please contact CHCP’s Compliance Department at

All CHCP employees are expected to commit to compliance on a daily basis.  Employees may report information regarding non-compliant, illegal, or improper behavior/activity in the workplace to a manager, supervisor, or executive at the corporate office.  If needed, an employee may also anonymously provide information regarding non-compliant, illegal, or improper behavior about which he/she is aware of or has observed by calling 713-425-3125.  CHCP may consider employees who had knowledge of but failed to report such behavior in making personnel decisions, up to and including a negative personnel decision(s) (e.g., a verbal warning, written warning, or termination).

Supervisory Responsibilities:  The Director of Financial Aid is responsible for management and oversight of staff members in the Financial Aid Department.  Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; evaluating performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints; and resolving problems (including inter-departmental concerns).


The Director of Financial Aid has specific oversight obligations for:

  • Assistant Director of Financial Aid;
  • Senior Financial Aid Advisor;
  • Financial Aid Advisor; and
  • Administrative Staff in the Financial Aid Department.

Key Job Elements:

  1. Manage the campus location’s Financial Aid Department in all aspects of its operation and development.
  2. Meet with prospective and current (or returning) students (and their families) to determine financial aid eligibility and provide guidance to them about financial aid-related applications and documents (including, for example, student loan and grant applications).
  3. Provide clarifying information or examples to students (and/or their families) when they complete their FAFSAs.
  4. Review ISIRs in order to identify verification or C code requirements. Identify and take action to assist with the process of following-up, collecting, and then reconciling documentation needed to resolve verification and C code obstacles.
  5. Performs Entrance and Exit counseling, which should be completed within 30 days after a student’s last day of attendance.
  6. Work cooperatively and cohesively with staff in the Admissions Department to facilitate outstanding customer service to prospective and current students (and their families).
  7. Collect appropriate documentation to process financial aid funding in a timely and compliant manner.
  8. Create and present an appropriate budget to a student and then package the student (i.e., schedule their financial aid award(s)).Monitor subsequent aid disbursements to ensure funds are credited to students’ accounts in a timely manner.
  9. Maintain consistently clean and accurate financial aid files which demonstrate institutional compliance with federal, state, and accreditation agency requirements as well as internal policies and procedures.
  10. Collect, assemble, review, and analyze weekly financial aid reports (e.g., data regarding student packaging, cash flow, balance to scheduled, FA holds, etc.) and provide updates to relevant stakeholders (e.g., CHCP’s Corporate Office).
  11. Interact closely with CHCP’s third-party financial aid servicer regarding process and procedure. The purpose of these interactions is to ensure submission of accurate documentation, timely disbursements to students, appropriate cash flow (which meets the needs of the institution and students), and appropriate reporting of financial aid data.
  12. Provide excellent customer service by responding clearly, accurately, and timely to student questions or concerns.
  13. Develop, review, revise, and update – in conjunction with other campus locations, CHCP’s Corporate Office, and/or regulatory counsel –internal Financial Aid Department policies and procedures
  14. Monitor daily activities in the Financial Aid Department to ensure compliance with departmental procedures and policies, as well as requirements imposed by federal, state, or accrediting entities.
  15. Mange on-campus events (such as orientation, open house, community outreach activities, etc.) and delegate responsibilities to ensure proper representation by the Financial Aid Department.
  16. Effectively managing staff members in the Financial Aid Department and provide them with the training, tools, resources, and support necessary to achieve goals.
  17. Perform weekly team trainings and plan team-building activities
  18. Hire, coach and evaluate personnel in the Financial Aid Department.
  19. Responsible for training all Financial Aid staff within your department.
  20. Perform regular (e.g., quarterly) reviews of financial aid files to spot-check and evaluate their completeness, accuracy, and compliance with internal policies and procedures as well as requirements imposed by the U.S. Department of Education, state regulatory bodies, accrediting agencies, or other regulatory entities.
  21. Other duties and activities as may be assigned.

Job Requirements; Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Accountability:

  1. a) Bachelor’s degree; or combination of education and experience.
    b) Minimum 5 years’ successful experience in college financial aid in post-secondary educational environment.
    c) Wide knowledge of regulatory requirements (e.g., federal, state, etc.) related to Title IV student financial aid.

d) Basic knowledge of CampusVue database (preferred)                                   

  1. Skills:

      a) Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

b) Proven leadership and management skills.

c) Strong interpersonal skills with both faculty and student populations.

d) Superior organizational and problem-solving skills.

e) Strong basic computer software (i.e., MS Office) skills as well as exposure to more concentrated financial   aid software programs.

f) Attention to detail.

g) Excellent customer service skills

  1. a) Ability to read, comprehend, and comply with federal and state laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to the provision of student financial aid.
    b) Ability to interact effectively as a member of a team and work collaboratively with other departments.
    c) Ability to listen to customers (e.g. students, staff, etc.) and to understand and respond positively to their requests
    d) Ability to work without close supervision and to set one’s own priorities and work schedule.

      e) Ability to multitask

4.  Accountability:

    1. Ensure Financial Aid Department staff members receive appropriate and/or required training.
    2. Reduce or limit staffing turnover.
    3. Maintain high levels of customer service in the Financial Aid Department.
    4. Recognize positive contributions made by staff members.
  • Indirect: Assist the campus achieve monthly and annual cumulative student persistence rates.

Work Environment: The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. The term "qualified individual with a disability" means an individual with a disability who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the position.

While performing the duties of this job, the Financial Aid Director is regularly required to communicate professionally in person, over the telephone, through email and other electronic means, move about the office or school, handle various types of media and equipment, and visually or otherwise identify, observe, and assess information. The employee is occasionally required to lift up to 10 pounds unless otherwise specified in the job description.

Mission Statement: The College of Health Care Professions is dedicated to providing quality training to individuals interested in the allied health care fields. Knowledge and proficiency are attained through demonstration, actual operation of equipment, and practice of learned techniques. It is the College’s aim to provide students with the knowledge and technical proficiency that will make them employable for entry level positions in the allied health care field.

Notice: This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. Management has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice. The list of job elements, responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, or conditions is not exhaustive, but merely illustrative of the current requirements of the essential functions of the job. The Financial Aid Director will have knowledge of FASFA and Title IV funding for students.