Online education, also referred to as distance learning involves taking courses over the internet as opposed to in the classroom setting. Online education has become more popular in recent years. This popularity is largely due to the flexibility and convenience that an online educational experience provides. Online education provides an opportunity to take classes from the convenience of home. In addition, online education provides more flexibility by allowing students to work at their own pace without the confines of a strict class schedule.

Online classes tend to be more beneficial for students who work full-time and have additional family responsibilities. Online course assignments can be completed at work, home, or anywhere you can carry your laptop. This form of learning makes it ideal for students on the go.

In addition to flexibly and convenience, online courses can also be more cost-effective. Classes are taken online so there is no need to drive to class. This saves gas as well as additional wear and tear on your vehicle. While some programs may require a clinical rotation, they are only a few days out of the program, as opposed to daily in traditional education.

Online schools are also ideal for students in the military or have jobs that require frequent travel. Courses can be taken from anywhere. It was really interesting to interact with students from all over the country.

Advantages of Online Education

  1. More flexibility for students who work full-time
  2. The ability to complete assignments at times when it is most convenient
  3. The ability to obtain a degree from a school in another state without moving
  4. This form of education is ideal for military students
  5. Less Travel

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The College of Health Care Professions Online offers convenient, flexible online programs so that students can achieve their career goals around their busy schedules. The online programs are offered to individuals who reside in Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Students interested in careers in the growing health care sector get a comprehensive education online at their own pace in the privacy and convenience of their own work stations without the commitments of time and money to commuting or residing on a campus. Online program students have 24/7 access to coursework and 24/7 IT support. Students who choose to receive online training are assigned a student services advisor who provides individualized and personalized service to help ensure that online students are successful.




Online instructors have direct industry experience and are credentialed in their field. CHCP continually examines the curriculum and instructors to ensure that what students are learning is in line with what employers are currently looking for in their new hires.

Currently, the online degree programs offered at CHCP include:


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