A Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist, aka LMRT, has a lot of important tasks to perform on a daily basis and the job is such that it requires proper skills and knowledge. 

The duty of a LMRT in the field of medicine is quite demanding. Like most medical staffs, their responsibility extends to caring for patients, especially those who are in extreme pain. LMRTs are not a mere machine operator. He/she is a very important person dedicated to caring for the patients and producing diagnostic images.  The results of the x-ray or the findings are basis for doctors to diagnose the medical condition of the patients. This is very crucial because many diseases can only be diagnosed through the help of x-ray technology.

If you are thinking of becoming a LMRT, you have come to the right place. The program at The College of Health Care Professions is designed so that you get all the skills necessary for working in this exciting field.  You will be trained to perform routine diagnostic X-ray exams of the skull, extremities and vertebral column. The emphasis on training is on the anatomy of the human body and the proper positioning of the patient. Training also includes the history, theory and application of diagnostic X-rays and their effect upon the human body, as well as covering a wide variety of other aspects in the scope of radiology. 

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