Health informatics is a multidisciplinary profession encompassing Dental Informatics, Nursing Informatics, Pharmacy Informatics, Public Health Informatics and other medical specialties that integrate computer technology to improve healthcare, health education and biomedical research.

Health Informatics has progressed to the point that nearly all physician offices, health care facilities and even veterinary offices are on electronic health record systems, having migrated from the paper environment. Computerization in healthcare has progressed greatly since President Bush’s 2004 initiative to move to electronic health records by 2014. Many facilities adopted early versions of electronic health record systems that did not work effectively and they later migrated to other, better second generation systems.

Health informatics professionals continue to, play a key role in assisting organizations and their staffs to migrate to the computerized systems. This includes securing healthcare data to prevent hacking, advancing interoperability across systems that have merged or added physician practices, and documentation and coding improvements for optimal reimbursement and continuous quality care practices. Change management principles, systems integration knowledge, staff training and privacy and security management are just some of the areas of expertise adeptly managed by the Health Informatics professional. Computers, clinical guidelines, standards, medical terminologies, information and communication systems are all tools in the arsenal of the Health Informatics professional.

Health Informatics professionals are in demand as the healthcare systems in the U.S. go through this major transformation. Trained professionals advise and guide healthcare organizations and their staffs, sometimes in a consulting role, working for a vendor, or as an employee of a healthcare facility or provider. CHCP’s Bachelor of Science program in Health Informatics incorporates valuable training in this field to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare industry!