Medical Assistant students

Being a medical assistant is very rewarding career and doctors’ offices rely on certified medial assistant to help their practices run smoothly.

You have completed a program in a field with vast employment growth.  Now it is time to take your credentialing exam.  Should you become a RMA or a CMA?  Being registered or certified increases your value as an employee, expands your career potential and provides the opportunity.

H2: What is the difference between a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)?

As a medical assistant, you may choose be registered (RMA) or certified (CMA).  There is no quantitative standard between the two credentials.RMA or CMA is a title evidencing that you have successfully completed the necessary coursework and passed the certification exam.  The designation as a RMA or CMA depends on the organization/association which you belong.  You can now test as be credentialed as one of the following:

·         RMA – Registered Medical Assistant

·         CMA – Certified Medical Assistant

·         NCMA – National Certified Medical Assistant

·         CCMA - Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

CHCP’s Medical Assistant Certification Program


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