Have You Been Training All Of Your Life For A Career In Medical Assisting? You Will Be Surprised To Find Out the Informal Skills You Need!

According to Career Overview, “Graduates of recognized programs are preferred by the majority of employers” (Career Overview.com). The College of Health Care Professions offers a Medical Assisting Program that is not only recognized, but is also accredited through ABHES. “The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools has approved 170 Medical Assisting programs nationwide and the numbers continue to grow”(Career Overview).

Some type of formal training is most likely preferred, but not mandatory. Some medical assistants learn skills through on-the-job training; however, this has gradually become outdated. Graduation from high school, or an equal diploma, is also usually required. According to Career Overview, “Preferred courses in high school to take are math, biology, typing, bookkeeping, computers, and clerical skills. It may also be beneficial to obtain experience through volunteer work” (Career Overview).

Only 8 months is required to obtain a diploma or certificate through CHCP. The curriculum that we offer covers an array of training in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, typing, medical records, bookkeeping, basic math, and even insurance and billing processing. Students will also learn laboratory methods, procedures in diagnosing, pharmacology, medicine and drug related principles, administration of medicine, basic first aid and CPR. We also ensure that students will learn and practice the soft skills that are required to work within a medical facility. These skills include communication with patients and staff, health laws, ethics, professional image, critical thinking, persistence and even managing priorities. Medical Assistants must always present themselves to the public as neat, well-groomed, and polite. They must make patients feel comfortable and verify what the physician has instructed. It is required that they keep medical information confidential. They must also be able to work well with their hands and possess visual perception.

If you have the compassion and commitment, becoming a Medical Assistant is the perfect career.

Mrs. Corlette Coleman- Edwards
The College of Health Care Professions