Class is always a fun and exciting time for students, right? I know everyone is shouting, YES!   After many years of teaching I have found certain quirks that can ruin a student.

  1. Coming in late everyday with a different excuse. I know you probably worked really hard on your excuse; however every excuse is equal to “my dog ate my homework.” Be punctual. Coming in late disrupts the entire class and more importantly you could miss important information. 
  2. Come prepared. It may seem like a wonderful idea to sit in the back row when you forgot to read, but it’s not. Guess what row I call on first…….the back! It is impossible to understand the lecture if you did not read the chapter.
  3. Have a good attitude. Everyone has a bad day, however when you walk into a classroom be professional and courteous, leave the attitude at the door. Remember a smile is contagious, it can brighten a day.

Classroom behavior often mimics workplace behavior. It would be awful for a student to miss out on a job opportunity simply because of unprofessional behavior. Next time you walk into class look around… every student could be in a hiring position one day. Would he or she want to hire you if you were late every day, slept during class, and never smiled?

For more tips stay tuned!

Kara Wiggins - Health Information Technology Program Director - Fort Worth