Thinking of going back to school but work or finding child care makes the time commitment difficult? The College of Health Care Professions’ Blended Learning delivery programs can help.

The College of Health Care Professions is paving the way for our students to get the career of their life on their own terms. Blended Learning delivery is our technique to allow students to attend our campus for hands-on training and manage their lives outside of school with guided online learning. 


Blended Learning combines the best of both a campus education and online classes into each module. As a student in a blended learning course, you will spend two days on campus working with fellow students and your instructors with hands-on experiential learning through labs, clinical simulations, and lectures.

The other two days of the week, we provide your instruction online. Through guided sessions and exercises, we allow you to work on your own time to complete these tasks. With the best of both worlds, students get a chance to learn hands-on with less of a physical commitment of being on the campus every day.


Meet Clarissa P. As a student of the Medical Coding and Billing – Blended program at the McAllen Campus, she has spent her time in the program managing the daily aspects of life while studying to begin a career in Medical Coding and Billing.

When asked what she was looking forward to most in her future career she said, “I am (looking) most forward to putting everything that I have learned …here into practice and into the real world. Being able to demonstrate all the knowledge and effort we have dedicated these past months, really encourages me to feel more confident and overjoyed of what is to come in the future...”

With CHCP’s Blended Learning Delivery, you can take a step further into the career of your life with our sacrificing the time of a full course load on campus. To learn more about our Medical Coding and Billing Blended program, offered at our Austin, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, South San Antonio, and McAllen campuses visit the program page here: