What exactly is Information Governance? According to AHIMA, “Organizations across multiple industries recognize the need to control their information, and nowhere does this make more sense than in healthcare. Control requires governance. Governance requires adoption and ingraining of principles, a framework, rules, and managed processes.”

Healthcare contains a wealth of patient information literally from cradle to grave that has long been closely guarded and managed by Health Information Management professionals.  Electronic applications implemented in healthcare have facilitated an exponential information growth, including information from disparate sources.

Information is recognized as a critical organizational asset. Expert information control promotes patient trust  that the information provided and used for their health care needs will be used appropriately by those with a “need to know.” The patient can rely on the health care organization to collect, manage, maintain and appropriately share their data with adequate privacy and security measures in place. On the flip side, expert information control promotes corporate trust in the quality and integrity of data used for organizational operations and planning decisions.

The education and skills developed at CHCP’s Health Information Management program prepares students to function in roles that protect this critical organizational asset and assures patients that their information is private, protected and secure. CHCP students not only know all about Information Governance, they become a part of the process of Information Governance!

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