Guest Blogger: The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) Career Services Interviews Theresa Wilson, HR Recruiter for Jefferson Dental Clinic Corporate Office 

What Does Jefferson Dental Want in A Dental Assistant?

Recently the The College of Health Care Professions, Dallas campuses executed a Regional externship agreement for all CHCP campuses, so I was very excited to sit down with Theresa Wilson and pick her brain about what they are looking for in a Dental Assistant. They have several clinics in the Houston area and over 30 in the Dallas- Ft. Worth market

Question- KW: How do you feel about the partnership with CHCP campuses?

Answer-TW: I am very excited to be working with this cluster of campuses and I am very excited to have executed the contract with the Dallas campus. It is a beautiful  campus and I am looking forward to partnering with CHCP Dallas in many ways, including the Program Advisory Board.

Question-KW: What do you look for in a Dental Assistant when seeking to fill positions in your clinics?

Answer-TW: Normally we look for at least a year of in-field clinical experience, but working with new graduates we understand that they won’t have the years of experience, and this is the reason why we wanted to develop an extern partnership.  This allows new graduates to have their required hours of externship clinics done with JDC as well as learning the ‘JDC Way”. When we look for extern students we know they have no clinical experience so we look for customer service experience. Any type of customer service experience is good, because at Jefferson the most important thing to us is the “Customer experience”!
Question- KW: What if a graduate didn’t extern with JDC?

Answer-TW: Well, if they did or didn’t complete an externship with us we are still looking for customer service experience but we are also looking for good grading scores on externship. We are connecting with the graduate’s school references to find out if their attendance was good. We also are looking to find out how passionate they are about their craft, and if they truly see this as a career or a paycheck. Why, because we promote from within the JDC family, and again, it goes back to the providing “JDC Customer experience”.

Question- KW: What Advice would you give to students in the Dental Assisting Program?

Answer-TW: I would say be studious, be flexible, and learn all the text book information you can learn, but be open to learning the “JDC” way. Be on time and have good attendance. If you are even one minute late you have already negatively impacted “The Customer Experience”! Remember are patients are our top priority so we are looking for professional appearances and demeanors that we can turn into true field professionals.

KW: Thanks Theresa for being a crucial part of executing the externship agreement and for being an invaluable member of our Program Advisory Board.

Well, there you have it. From the mouth of a recruiter that will be working with you in some form or fashion if you plan to apply at Jefferson Dental. Take heed on all the tips that were provided to you as, this is valuable information you may not normally get from an employer. 

Kendria White
Director of Career Services, Dallas Campus