On the topic of courage, please read on:

Courage is slow, and deep, and incredibly powerful. Courage must not be confused with bravery, or tenacity, or risk tolerance; it is a force that must be considered over the passage of great amounts of time.

Think of the woman who finds out that she is with child. Her choice is to follow her mind, which says, “Take the easy way!” or to follow her heart, which says, “Do the right thing!” Those who choose to do the right thing also choose to take a lifetime journey into uncharted territory, with a person (or persons) they do not know, with no clear answers. Here is courage.

Think of the man who finds two loves. His choice is to follow his desires, which say, “Go for the one who loves easier!” or to follow his heart, which says, “Choose the one who you can trust!” Those who choose the latter also begin a lifelong journey with lessons in fidelity, honor, responsibility, fatherhood, and ultimately, true unconditional love. Here is courage.

Courage is getting up each and every day to do the work that has been placed in front of us, building slowly, carefully, always thinking of the welfare of others.

Courage works best when it loses the self in the pursuit of the betterment of humanity. It is limitless, if unleashed. Those who practice it have found a truly emancipating friend and companion. Nations blessed with citizens who know courage become great in very little time, building incessantly, expanding.

Dr. Tim