What is CHCP doing in the Dallas Community?

On August 25, 2012, The College of Health Care Professions partnered with the Roseland Community center to conduct a Health Fair for their community members. The CHCP medical staff Corlette Coleman-Edwards and Yesenia Basurto performed weight and blood pressure checks. For some of these residents they had not had their blood pressure checked in several months. Along with this, the medical staff offered health information and healthy snacks.

CHCP also offered a teeth cleaning workshop offered by our Dental staff Nancy Kashef. Nancy worked with several residents and their children on proper teeth cleaning and provided them with a tooth brush to continue to enhance the way they brush their teeth. The learning did not however stop there. Jefferson Dental a CHCP partner stopped by to also provide information to the community about how their clinics can help them with healthy smiles.

If that sounds like fun, then check out the pictures of the “Kids Corner”. The kids’ corner was full of activities to teach kids and parents how to have fun and exercise at the same time. The kids’ corner included a bounce house, a fun maze, coloring stations, and a hula hoop contest! The parents really enjoyed working with their children in the fun maze because it allowed the parents to give their children instructions on how to get through the maze and it taught the participants trust and listening skills. When everyone was tired and ready get back some of their energy, they all sat down to have our on hand chef “Campus President Chris Peters” prepare a meal that included hotdogs, chips, and punch.

The community center was very appreciative and the Community center Director, who is affectionately known as Coach Whop, was thankful for what this would do overall for the community that he serves daily. Ending the day with information and powerful tools to execute healthy living the residents departed back to their homes, and as the CHCP staff prepared to leave we were all met with big hugs and one simple question, “When will you be back?” In following one of our core values “Community” I say to this question, stayed tuned to find out where in the community CHCP will be next.