Do you receive advice from family and friends on your job search?  What worked and did not work?

A friend of mine who is currently unemployed calls me a couple of times a week to share the ups and down of her job search.  Here is some of the advice we have discussed – please feel free to add to the list with your own experiences.

  • It’s hard not to panic when you don’t hear back from employers right away.  Keep busy filling your search with more and more opportunities.  It’s the best way to handle the ups and downs.
  • Don’t stop looking after you have interviewed for the job you want.  It can sometimes take awhile for an employer to make a hiring decision.  Note: The friend I’m helping was very excited about an opportunity that unfortunately did not work out.  A former employee who had resigned three years earlier applied for the same position and was hired back.  It took over three weeks for my friend to hear back after they thought the job was theirs.
  • Have a trusted friend look over your resume to critique how well it communicates your ability to do the job you are applying for. 
  • Reach out to everyone in your network and let them know you are job seeking.  Ask for a referral. 
  • It happens - move on.  When you know you are qualified for the position and still the job goes to someone else be prepared to accept and move on.  There is something else out there around the corner.  Note: My friend lost an opportunity to someone who used to work for her.  The person they hired was a friend of the recruiter sourcing the job.  It happens – move on.

What would you add to the list?