Two of the most important traits for a successful student is in their preparation and attitude which starts before the student even enters the front door of a higher education institution.  All too often we get an idea in our head and decide “this is what I am going to do” but the idea should also include “is it what we are prepared to do”.

The thought of going to back to school can bring up a range of emotions from fear to excitement and all emotions in between.  Most of these emotions can stem from the fear of entering college life after being out of school for many years.

So what can a student do to relieve some of the anxieties?


To start, the student should research the field he or she is thinking about entering on their own.  Don’t take someone’s word for what goes on.  Check it out for yourself. There are so many ways to gather information in today’s world that no one should enter into any new path of life without being informed. Start with the internet where a description can be found followed by family and friends with experience in that field.  Next, visit the campus of a prospective school; speak with current students and program faculty.  Find out what the duties consist of, starting salary, physical demands, and normal working hours.

Prepare for school by asking questions such as the program schedule, program hours, how many days a week the program meets, required courses and expectations required of you by the Program Director and faculty.  All this preparation will assist you as you work your plan for a successful completion.


What is attitude?  ATTITUDE IS A CHOICE.  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.  ATTITUDE IS A CAN DO SPIRIT.  You should be prepared to present yourself each day as a positive, happy, and successful individual.  Remember with a positive attitude comes a chance for us to learn and grow.  You must replace all your “I can’t with I CAN”.

Remember YOU can overcome any obstacle as long as YOU have a positive attitude.  Sure it may not happen on the first or even second try but eventually with a positive can do spirit and drive you will find that YOU have become successful.