There were a lot of big stories today surrounding the health industry. There were heartbreaking stories about a 5 year old girl with a terminal illness enjoying a “Princess Day,” stories about food recalls, as well as obesity and new methods to detect diseases.

We all worry about our health from the inside out, so today’s health focus covers external, internal and whole body health.

The first story covers external health with a topic that everyone is concerned with from when they are teenagers through adulthood: their skin. This article from Fox News outlines a few myths and realities surrounding our skincare. Click the link to read “Does chocolate cause acne? Skin care myths and facts.”

The second story covers internal health. Now this story is angering many and causing fear in others. No one wants to end up sick! This story discusses the Nestlé recall of Hot Pockets items due to a widespread meat recall. Meat unfit for human consumption? Click the link to read more about “Hot Pockets recalled after meat found ‘unfit for human food’.”

Our last story covers whole body health. As we get older or if we get sick, we may have to have a variety of tests done to detect what could be wrong. This article from Medical News Today discusses a new imaging method used to assess the development of cancer in children without exposing them to radiation. Click the link to read more about the “New radiation-free imaging method 'effectively diagnoses cancer'.”