Today in Health we want to focus on three things we do or should do in our everyday lives (or at least most of us). Most of us start our day with a big cup of coffee, as the day progresses, we may also go to the gym and then afterwards have a sports drink. Read the following stories to find out how these activities may be affecting you.

We sure love their coffee. That is shown through the number of coffee shops at every corner. Did you know though that while the main ingredient is coffee is caffeine, raw coffee actually only contains 1% of caffeine. Raw coffee beans actually contain even more of an even better nutrient – chlorogenic acid (CGA). Raw coffee contains about 7-9% of CGA, which is in antioxidant that has shown many health benefits such as weight loss and blood pressure reduction. Read more at “Can coffee Protect our eyesight?

After our morning coffee and our work day (or sometimes even before our workday), we all try to make it to the gym. Try being the key word. Everyone has high hopes of being super fit and ready to take on the world, but the reality is that we do not all put the priority on fitness that it should have. Did you know, though, that the more physically active you are at age 25, the better thinking you may have when you reach middle age? That is what a new large-scale study has found. Read more at “Early Fitness Can Improve the Middle-Age Brain

Ok, let us assume we were all able to make it to the gym. Time to refresh, right? Research has shown maybe you (and your adolescent children) should think twice before grabbing a sports drink. A new study has shown that despite the fact that drinking sports drinks has been linked to increased physical activity, the consumption of sports and energy drink has actually contributed to a growing amount of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, consumption of other sugary drinks, prolonged TV watching or video games, etc. Read more at “Sports drinks and energy drinks linked to unhealthy behaviors in adolescents

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