With graduations around the corner for students and first quarter coming to an end with professionals, there is a lot to be stressed about. This week’s “Today in Health” will focus on stress. Stress can lead to multiple things such as migraines. It is important to find stress relievers in your life or ways to release that extra energy, such as through working out. Finally, when you find yourself a little overwhelmed, there are ways to help alleviate that anxiety that has built up within you.

First of all, stress can cause a multitude of issues, but a primary result is a major headache or a migraine. Migraine sufferers know that the pain and discomfort caused by these kinds of headaches are at times unbearable. New studies presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting presented that two new drugs may be able to prevent migraines from evening starting in the first place. Read more here: “New Migraine Treatment Shows Promise

Well, what if the stress has already hit and it does not result in a migraine, but rather just irritability and annoyance with everything around you? When these times strike, it is important to just find a release for the pent up energy that results. The best and most health beneficial way is to hit the gym for some heart healthy and muscle strengthening exercise. So hit the gym in honor of medical fitness week, but maybe try to do it a few hours before bedtime. Working out too close to sleep may cause you to have trouble catching some shut eye. Read more at “Can exercising at night hurt your sleep?

Finally, the stress has gotten to you, but you were able to calm down a little from getting some exercise. What do you do if you are in bed, but now your mind is racing a mile a minute increasing your anxiety levels? A certain level of anxiety occurs in everyone. It may affect some people more than others depending on their situation. Before you get more stressed out, it is possible to retrain your anxious brain and keep yourself from going crazy with anxiety. Read “This is You on Stress” for more.

Stress is all around us, but it should not consume your life. If you are finding yourself constantly stressed at work or in your life, maybe a change of careers is what you need. The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) offers health care training in a variety of allied health fields such as medical assistingnursing, and more. Read more about CHCP programs available at ground campuses and online.