Spring is here and so is everything “Spring” related: spring training, spring cleaning, and the always exciting: spring allergies. Today in Health, we will be focusing on three top health articles relating to Spring.

With the nicer weather rolling around, it is natural to want to get moving, get active, and be outdoors. Unfortunately, debilitating back pain can sometimes cause us to want to stay indoors and just lay on the couch. This can cause someone to miss activities in their life with work, family and friends. A new study has suggested that lower back pain causes more disabilities than nearly 300 other conditions. It also suggests that nearly 1 in 10 people across the globe suffer from a pained lower back. While the specific cause is unclear, there are certain factors that seem to put people at risk for developing low back pain. Read more at “Low Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability: Study

Naturally, with the arrival of Spring, thoughts are already shifting to Summer and swimsuit season. This may cause a rise in anxiety levels for both men and women everywhere if they do not feel ready for the season. Many fad diets and workouts appear promising results in time, but the question is - do they really work? One popular option has always been to eat small but frequent meals throughout the day with the idea that it boosts metabolism and encourages weight loss. New research has actually suggested that when it comes to losing weight, just count your calories. Read more at “Weight loss: counting calories more important than ‘eating little and often’

When we are not focusing on pain or weight loss, there is one thing that seems to find and affect everyone during Spring: allergies. They seem to be everywhere! Unfortunately for us, due to the precipitation from this year’s winter, this allergy season is shaping up to be a crazy one. Many allergy medications, sprays, and tips can help relieve allergy symptoms. Read “Allergy season: how to get some relief this year” for more.

If you are suffering with back pain, have questions about weight loss, or are overcome with allergy discomfort, bring it up to your medical assistant next time you pay your doctor a visit. They can bring it to your doctor’s attention and get you on the path to relief.

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