Selfies and hair lice? Who knew the two could be connected. In one of today’s top stories, read about how leaning in to pose for a selfie could be opening you (or your head at least) up for more than a picture. Click the link to read more from

Another story that has made headlines is the significant decrease in childhood obesity seen among preschooler, as reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. While this is a huge accomplishment, Everyday Health notes that this does not mean it is “mission accomplished” when it comes to childhood obesity. Click here to read more.

Lastly, a new pain medication recently approved by the FDA is causing an uproar with some stating “it will kill people as soon as it’s released.” The new hydrocodone-based prescription drug, Zohydro, is under fire for its potency and potential for abuse and risks of overdose. Read more from CNN now.