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Have you been taking advantage of your career services? How is your portfolio looking for your job search? Remember as a CHCP student you get access to our career services team dedicated to help you with your resume and your job search.

Here are some quick things to always include: 

Have a brief summary prepared: You should be able to “sell” yourself in 30 seconds. What are your highlights? Practice this 30 second speech, so if you were to ever meet someone, you can easily give a quick introduction to yourself and fill them in on who you are and what you do or are wanting to do.

Your resume should always include key words stated in the job description. If they are looking for a “dynamic Medical Assistant to work in a pediatrician’s office” say “you are a dynamic medical assistant student with experience working with children.”

Keep your resume concise and to the point. It is good practice to make sure you resume does not go over one page. Think about the biggest highlights per job experience and make sure those are the bullets you include for each job.

Use power words such as: developed, accomplished, and completed.

Don’t be afraid to use specific technical words from your chosen career field. You are applying to positions within that industry, so show that you know what you are talking about.

If a new career is the path for you, come check out The College of Health Care Professions. CHCP offers health care training in a variety of allied health fields such as medical assistingnursing, and more. Read about CHCP programs available at ground campuses and online.