Surgical Technology is a fundamental career path that is projected to grow by 12% by 2026 and is now being offered in our Austin campus. Surgical Technologists are essential individuals in the operating room that prepare patients and equipment for surgery. Our hands-on approach is designed to provide our students with all the necessary skills to succeed in this fast-growing and in-demand field.  We’ll get you from the classroom to the operating room in a little over a year and a half.

Through our program, Surgical Technology students will learn what surgical technicians are expected to do on the job and are trained in the care and safety of patients, sterilization techniques, how to set up technical or robotic equipment, and preventing and controlling infections. In addition to classroom study, students also work in supervised clinical settings to gain hands-on experience. At the end of the program, students will be required to take the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting certification exam required to work in the field.

When Do Classes Begin?

Classes begin on July 8, 2019. To enroll visit the Surgical Technology program page and fill out the information request form.

How Long Is The Program?

The program is 80 weeks long.

Expect to Learn These Skills from Our Surgical Technology Program:

  • Knowledge and practice of basic patient-care concepts
  • Application of the principles of asepsis applied to the operating room
  • Basic surgical case preparation skills
  • The ability to perform in the scrub role
  • Responsible behavior as a health care professional ‘
  • Preparing sterile dressings
  • How to clean/prepare instruments for sterilization
  • How to assist other members of the team
  • How to assist in prepping the operating room for the next patient