Here at CHCP, our program directors invest in their students and want to make sure they have the best understanding of what they are studying. Here is an example of what B.J. Edwards, our CHCP Houston Northwest Program Director for Medical Coding and Billing – Health Information Technology and Medical Administrative Assistant, did to help students understand what they were learning and would eventually be doing in their new careers.


Surgical billing requires a wide range of expertise not only in the field of general surgery but the surgical sub-specialties as well.  I want to be certain our MCB-HIT students are prepared to bring processes essential for the more complicated elements of reporting and follow-up in surgical billing, Anesthesiology is one of the medicines most complex and fluid fields in terms of medical billing and coding and the students have been working successfully on this coding this week as well. 

Due to my wanting the students to have a surgical experience which would expose them to the surgical supplies they have learned to bill for, I met with ST Program Director Sandy Crouch and Mr. Kelly, inquiring as to my MCB-HIT students observing a mock surgery performed by their ST students. They readily agreed.


As Program Director, I am invested heavily in any/all technology which supports the level of excellence necessary not to just meet, but to exceed today’s surgical billing requirements.  It is my desire each student will have developed processes related to charge capture/reconciliation, claims submission and denial management.  An extensive series of front end edits result in cleaner claims, fewer re-files and/or appeals, and they are on their way to obtaining these skills, and a bright future within the Medical Financial world which waits for them.

B.J. Edwards, AABA, CCMA, CBCS

Director of MCB-HIT, MAA Programs

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