Do you ever find it difficult to absorb or learn new information? Either you have a hard time remembering or putting the pieces together? Here are some unique ways to study and ensure you are learning and remembering the information.

Say it loud, say it proud. When learning something new it often helps if you repeat it out loud. You can do this not only by yourself, but also when studying with friends. Psychologists believe it takes approximately 20 repetitions before something is set to memory. Everyone learns differently, so of course, this can vary from person to person since everyone may memorize at a slightly different rate.

Drill yourself. Make flashcards and give yourself some time to go through the whole stack. It may make things easier to come up with a summary of all the items. If you can recall the summary, it will aide in recalling the rest of the items. Once you are comfortable with the content, set up a timer on your phone and see how fast you can recall the information.

Make your own test. When going over the information, write down questions over the main points and key terms. Once you are done reviewing the information, take the test and see if you can answer the questions. It will be a good way to see where you are having problems. Remember, though, your brain starts recognizing certain items so be sure to clearly answer each question and not assume you already know what the answer would be. It is harder to put the actual words down on the paper.

Going through school can be a challenging task, but do not forget your advisors, program instructors and classmates are all there for the same purpose. Use all your resources and do not be afraid to ask a question. Remember, CHCP is here for you!

What are tricks do you use to learn?