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As seen above, social media is used all around us in every manner possible almost constantly. There are a variety of ways that social media can be used to aid in education. It can be used for demonstrations, connecting with other users of the same interest, it can be used to research, as well as engage in live chats regarding topics of interest.

For example, a medical assisting student can go to YouTube and watch a video that an instructor has posted regarding a procedure they learned in class that day. YouTube is used regularly by users trying to find “how to” videos for endless topics. YouTube can also be used to share experiences. Click to watch a testimonial video from a College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) Medical Assisting Student.

Another example of social media is Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow students to share events, experiences, stories, or general information about their courses to other students within their programs. It is also a means for instructors or the school to transmit important information to the students. Check out the CHCP Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

Twitter can also be used if a student wants to go online and participate in a chat with other users regarding particular topics. The hashtag symbol, #, is a way to search for specific topics. For example, say a student wants to participate in a chat regarding nursing. The chat leader would designate #nursing as the hashtag for the event. This way a user can simply search that tag and participate in the conversation or simply read along. It also pulls up anything else on Twitter related to that tag.

Social Media is a very powerful tool in education, if used properly. You can learn about a variety of topics and gather individuals from all around the world in one easy manner. It’s a very quick and easy way to disseminate information, as well.

CHCP uses social media regularly as a means of reaching out to all of its current and potential students. We use it as a social outlet, as well as a means to provide knowledge about its programs such as medical assisting, nursing, and more.

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