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In our blog post yesterday, we discussed how failing does not mean you truly failed. Every time you fail, you should use it as a learning experience, which will aid in you not making the same mistake twice. It will also teach you to get back up on your feet and keep going.

To the same point, never be afraid to share a failure. When interviewing for a potential job, do not be afraid to share a past experience in which you have made a mistake and failed. If anything you should share those experiences.  These experiences show that you did not let the world fall apart because you failed. It will demonstrate to employers how you handled yourself especially in difficult situations. It also shows your character and the type of employee they could potentially hire. It demonstrates your endurance and drive to improve.

Make sure you follow the STAR technique when using your past experience as examples:

 S- Situation: What was the situation?

T-Task: What did you have to do?

A-Action: What action did you take? What did you do?

R-Results: What were the results? Did you learn? Did you achieve anything?

Life happens, and mistakes are made. You will always learn something and be able to improve on.

It’s better to make mistakes earlier in life when you are figuring things out than later when the consequences can be greater.

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