Professional Development, Do we need it?

At the heart of professional development is the individual's interest in lifelong learning and increasing their own skills and knowledge. Depending on your goals and if you want to improve yourself and your career, than you need to think on working in your professional development.

Professional development may include formal types of vocational education, typically post-secondary or poly-technical training leading to qualification or credential required to obtain or retain employment. Professional development may also come in the form of pre-service or in-service professional development programs. These programs may be formal, or informal, group or individualized. Individuals may pursue professional development independently, or programs may be offered by human resource departments. Professional development on the job may develop or enhance process skills, sometimes referred to as leadership skills, as well as task skills. Some examples for process skills are 'effectiveness skills', 'team functioning skills', and 'systems thinking skills'.

Professional development opportunities can range from a single workshop to a semester-long academic course, to services offered by a medley of different professional development providers and varying widely with respect to the philosophy, content, and format of the learning experiences.

If you do a little research, you will find most companies offer a professional development program in the form of a "tuition" reimbursement or even free courses.  Take the time, do your research and invest in yourself.  You're worth it!