Knowing how to positively differentiate yourself from others can be a key factor when looking to get hired from an externship, seeking a promotion or just a new job in general.

Whether in school or your workplace here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

1.       Ask questions. This may seem a cliché but the more questions you ask the more engaged you seem.

2.       Smile. Smiling and having a positive attitude will always be noticed.

3.       Take on more tasks. Granted you don’t want to take more tasks than you can handle but if you are open to more opportunities not only will you gain more experience your employer will take notice.

4.       Genuinely care about what you are doing. You can fake it for a while but unless you believe it eventually you will be gloomy and it will show.

How do you stand out?


If you are wanting to stand out through a new career, but also want to continue working to support yourself while doing so, online learning is a great option for you. Online classes tend to be more beneficial for students who work full-time and have additional family responsibilities. Online course assignments can be completed at work, home, or anywhere you can carry your laptop. This form of learning makes it ideal for students on the go.

The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) Online offers convenient, flexible online programs so that students can achieve their career goals around their busy schedules. Online program options are available to individuals who reside in Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Current Online Certificate & Degree Program Offerings:

Stand out with a new health care career!

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