Tired of studying in your room? Tired of hunching over the same desk hour after hour trying to drill down your review for an upcoming test? With finals coming up here are some alternative studying spots that might come in handy. 

Different places to study:

1.    The Park. With spring here why not get a group together to study at a park. Granted allergies might get in the way, but having a nice breeze as you study and review the information might be just what you need to concentrate.

2.    Coffee Shop. Whether you drink coffee or not, taking your studies to a coffee shop might just be what you need to get motivated. Many people go there to study, and work. Being in a different environment, and seeing them around you, might just be the motivation you need to focus. The tasty treats are just a bonus for your breaks.

3.    Lounge areas. These areas may be on your CHCP campus, or in the areas near your campus. Getting a group together or just sitting by yourself in one of the big chairs might be all you need to help you study. It might give you a sense of relaxation, and allow you to focus on the information understanding it better.

4.    Your car. Granted this might seem a little more last minute but studying in your car can be a routine you develop to help you review the day of exams or lectures.

What is your favorite study spot?