(Written by a CHCP Austin Personal Fitness Trainer Student - Amber Bunch)

A post about fitness.

You are probably thinking this is going to be just another introduction to working out and eating right. Well, it is not. I want to give you a short insight into the reason I became a personal trainer. Others may have chosen this career for the same reason.

                First off, I would not call it just a career. Rather, it is a passion. There is something inside of me that tells me that this is what I am meant to do; this is where I belong.I consider myself a very motivated person. In order to motivate others, one must be motivated themselves.


 I am very emotionally driven when it comes to pushing beyond what I thought to be unattainable. Personal Fitness Training is just that: an emotionally driven career that is more about the psychological aspect of the fitness than the physical part.


Initially, I thought that I had thrown my future down the proverbial garbage disposal. However, it is only when a person is in a situation that requires them to be strong that they find out just how strong they truly are.

The desire to overcome the obstacles in my life had to become greater than the willingness to become a victim of my circumstances.

To prove to myself, and anyone who ever doubted me, that I am not my past.

The past is what made me who I am today, but I no longer have to succumb to the fears of yesterday.


I want to be able to show others that they are capable of the same thing. To show others that to push through the burn is to push beyond the limitations we set on ourselves. To endure the pain and push past that point of breaking in order to become the person you were destined to become.

That is why I became a Personal Fitness Trainer.


Amber Bunch

Personal Fitness Trainer

The College of Health Care Professions Austin




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