Anything can happen in an operating room, but with CHCP surgical technologist training, you are prepared. As a surgical technologist, you assist surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses with various surgical procedures. A 19% growth in the field is expected from 2010 and 2020, as the population grows and ages, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*. Operating room excitement draws the attention of many, including CHCP Surgical Technology student Lauren Mills.

With CHCP’s quality and exciting Surgical Technology program, it is no wonder Lauren Mills was urged to join by a friend and current CHCP student. As clinical rotations approach, Lauren realizes that the nerves of seeing a real human body in front of her is nothing compared to the excitement of what she is there to do. She owes that to the truly hands-on experience provided by the program and the one-on-one, focused training offered to her by instructors such as Sandy Crouch.

As a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience in operating rooms and working with doctors and their patients, Sandy Crouch loves that, as an instructor, she can provide students with her experience and dedication to the field. She hopes students can develop her same passion to provide vital care for their patients. The CHCP Surgical Technology program clinical rotations allow students real operating room instruction and experience that is essential to preparing them for their careers as Surgical Technologists.

Whether they are assembling equipment, preparing and monitoring patients prior to surgery, or cutting sutures, holding and passing tools or sterilizing equipment during and after surgery, Surgical Technologists are essential members of operating room teams. 

*May not reflect local or regional job market