Every year a lot of us think on what we did on the past year and what we would like to do the coming year. Do you know that those people that make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals? It is not easy to keep those resolutions after life returns to normal and pulls you away from your goals.

To be successful, first you need to know why you want to obtain your goal, if you are clear and strong about your why than is going to easier for you to stick to your plan in a daily basis. Be specific on the steps needed to accomplish your goal. Write down your goals and steps to accomplish them, a Stanford University study found that 70% of people achieved their goal when they write it. Make sure your environment will support and facilitate your efforts. Ask your family and friends for support. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself, set up couple of goals don’t try to change everything at once. Concentrate on reaching the short term goals rather than keep thinking on the main one. If you are trying to lose 30 lbs. make sure you concentrate on losing 1 every week. If you fail, guess what? You are normal, everyone that succeeds fails at least once, if you review Michael Jordan’s life you will see that. Don’t quit and keep trying, that is what successful people do.

Do you have your resolutions already? If not here are some of the most popular resolutions.

  •  Spend more time with Family & Friends
  •  Get fit
  •  Lose weight
  •  Quit Smoking
  •  Enjoy life more
  •  Drink Less Alcohol or quit drinking
  •  Manage and get out of debt
  •  Get a better education or learn something new
  •  Volunteer to help others
  •  Get organized, reduce, reuse and recycle
  •  Eat healthy food
  •  Get a better job
  •  Manage Stress
  •  Save Money
  •  Take a trip

Ready? Start setting your goals is a New Year!