Need Money to Help Pay for College?

Financial Aid – Easier than Ever

Far too often financial aid is seen as an obstacle rather than opportunity.  The amount of money available to students is at an all-time high and it does not cost one cent to find out how much you may qualify for in financial aid.  Now would be the time to take advantage of the resources the government is providing.  Grants and student loans are made available to students with no regard to their credit score.  In most cases, the amount of aid students receive covers all, if not a large majority of the costs associated with attending college.  And, even though loans have to be repaid, the Dept of Education’s loan agency offers a variety of repayment options to fit your needs.  If you desire a quality education the government is willing to help you pay the bill.  I always hear people talk about the lack of government support, well now is the time that they are offering the most support for you to provide yourself an education.

Is it really that easy?

FAFSA over the past several years has been made easier and easier.  The IRS and FAFSA have teamed up to transfer income tax information into the FAFSA.  It is a very user-friendly tool that enables the FAFSA to not only be completed more effectively and efficiently.  If you need help contact your school’s financial aid advisor for assistance.  After you have completed the application which can take as little as 10 minutes, then your application will process for a day or two.  After it is processed, your school will receive the results and let you know what you could potentially qualify for based on the classes you are looking to attend.

Best of luck in your educational pursuits.  

-H. Perez