Many people like to move slowly on Monday – dreading its arrival since it took away their fun weekends. However, front loading your Monday and getting started right away, forces you to think in crunch mode right off the bat and helps you more easily avoid distractions, stay focused and deliver results for the remainder of your week. This mostly comes from the thought of “well I have worked this hard, so I do not want to undo what I have already accomplished.”

It is the start of the week, or the start of the month that sets the tone for what you are going to accomplish. There is a reason that Mondays are the days that people like to start their changes, such as new diets, new workouts, new programs, etc. By getting started on your goals early at the start of the week and start of the day, you are setting the bar for how you want to live the rest of that day and the rest of the week – perhaps the rest of your life.

For example, check out a blog post we wrote back in October titled "Want to Quit Smoking? Monday is a Good Day", which referenced a new study stating that if you are wanting to quit smoking, the best day to try is on Monday. While obviously there is no bad day to quit, people were more inclined to want to start on Monday, since they view Mondays as a fresh start to “get their acts together” and make a change in their lives.

Mondays may have a bad rep since they go hand in hand with the start of a work week or the start of school, but they are a fresh start. They are great days to make change in your life because they can set the standard for how you want to live the rest of your week, which translates to the rest of the month, to the rest of the year and so on.

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Do not fret if you missed your “Monday” – any day is a good day for change. Believe it and get going!