It seems that our money always flies out faster than it comes in!  We are all so busy today that it is very easy to become lax and ignore basic practices to improve our financial health. Here are a few tips to streeeeetch your precious dollars a little further.

• Pay your bills on time.  Late fees can mount up like an avalanche and before you know it you are buried.  Set up a system that orders your payments by due date and pay them on time.  Avoiding late fees will help keep more money in your pocket

• Open an account at a credit union.  Having an account at a credit union can save you money.  For example, according to the National Association of Federal Credit Unions a 48-month car loan, on average, carries an interest rate nearly 20% lower than the same loan issued by a bank.1  Additionally, interest rates on deposits typically are higher than those offered by banks.

• Shop wisely!  You should always make a list of what you need…and stick to the list.  Impulse purchases at the checkout stand can run up your bill and many times on items you don’t really need.  Also, clip coupons.  One author reports that clipping coupons can pay big dividends for anyone who makes less than $100 an hour (based on the amount of time you need to spend selecting and cutting out the coupons.)2  Clipping coupons can also lead to greater price sensitivity that can save you money as well.

That’s it…follow these simple suggestions and you will find a few extra bucks (moolah, dinero, chiggles, clams, duckets, scrilla, bones, shillings, sheckles, etc.) in your pocket at the end of the month.