A career in health and medical administrative services provides you with a chance to have an office job in the healthcare industry. Working in this field can be a rewarding experience, no matter what position you have. In order to build a career in healthcare administration, it’s important to make sure you have the right education. A health and medical administrative services degree provides you with the education you’ll need in this field. If you’ve been considering this type of degree program, keep the following information in mind.

Why Pursue a Degree in Health and Medical Administrative Services?

Working in administrative health services can be a great career option when you want a healthcare job that doesn’t involve hands-on patient care. If you have a strong interest in the healthcare field and want to put your administrative or managerial skills to good use, a health and medical administrative services degree prepares you for this kind of work.

With a degree in healthcare administration, you can also enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Some of the careers that are available with this degree involve working regular office hours instead of having to work on holidays, weekends, or evenings. This can help you keep a good balance between your work life and home life.

When you earn a medical office administration degree, you’ll be able to make a difference in people’s lives. The tasks and responsibilities that healthcare administration employees and managers handle are an important part of keeping healthcare services running smoothly. This helps ensure patients receive proper care for illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions.

This type of degree can also provide career growth opportunities. With this degree, you can explore more advanced positions, such as medical office manager or other managerial jobs. This can lead to more challenging work that involves leadership skills.

Entry-Level Healthcare Administration Careers

What kinds of careers can you build when you earn your health and medical administrative services degree? These are just some of the entry-level careers to consider with this type of degree.

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants are responsible for a wide range of administrative tasks in healthcare facilities. These assistants usually answer phones, schedule appointments, check patients in at the front desk, order office supplies, and handle other administrative tasks and duties as needed.

Medical Office Manager

Medical office managers oversee the administrative side of healthcare facilities, such as developing office policies and procedures, supervising administrative staff, and monitoring billing and budgets. This kind of position requires strong leadership skills in addition to administrative skills. Keep in mind that some management positions might require a bachelor’s degree.

Medical Record Manager

Medical records or health information technicians play a valuable role in ensuring that healthcare facilities and organizations have accurate patient information. These managers are responsible for evaluating and overseeing medical records and other health information.

Where Can Healthcare Office Managers Work?

Healthcare office managers can work in a wide range of healthcare facilities. Some managers might work in a hospital or other large healthcare organization, while others work in nursing homes or long-term care facilities. In some cases, healthcare office managers work in health information organizations, private physician practices, outpatient clinics, or smaller types of healthcare facilities.

Depending on training, skills, and career goals, healthcare office managers can also work in other kinds of healthcare-related facilities, such as laboratories or ambulatory services. These managers can also work for health insurance agencies or non-profit organizations rather than directly with a medical facility.

Related Medical Office Administration Jobs

What other kinds of work can you do with a health and medical administrative services degree? This degree can open many doors to related careers that you might be interested in. The following can give you an idea of different types of careers to explore. Keep in mind that you might need an advanced degree, such as a bachelor’s degree or higher, for some of these careers.

Medical Reimbursement Specialist

When your background is medical billing and coding, you can look into becoming a medical reimbursement specialist. This type of administrative job involves helping patients with insurance claims and billing issues.

Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants provide insight into problems facing healthcare facilities. With a healthcare administration degree, you can work as a consultant helping healthcare facilities with administrative challenges. Some healthcare consultants work for a facility or organization, while others do contract work with multiple facilities and organizations in healthcare.

Medical Health and Services Manager

Medical health and services managers are responsible for overseeing a healthcare organization or facility, such as a hospital or outpatient clinic. This requires solid leadership skills, as well as problem-solving, organizational, and decision-making skills.

Human Resources

Human resources departments in healthcare facilities develop and carry out policies and procedures for staff to follow. With the right education, you can work toward becoming a human resources manager if you’re interested in a leadership role.

Clinical Supervisor

Clinical supervisors handle daily tasks and operations in healthcare clinics, such as employee schedules and inventory management. Other responsibilities might include overseeing clinical records.

Start Your Career in Healthcare Administration at CHCP

When you already have a start on your healthcare education, such as a diploma or certificate in medical billing and coding, medical assisting, or another allied health program, earning an associate degree is your next step toward a fulfilling career. The College of Healthcare Professions (CHCP) offers a Health and Medical Administrative Services - Associate of Applied Science degree program. This program is designed to help you learn the skills necessary for a healthcare administration career. 

Our HMAS degree program teaches business foundations, psychology foundations, office management, and human resource management, as well as medical office coordinating, healthcare management, communication skills, and more. These skills and the knowledge you gain during this program can help you build a successful career in healthcare administration. This online program gives you the opportunity to earn your degree in as little as 32 weeks, so you can get started on your new career quickly.

Our HMAS program is available at all of our campuses and online. To learn more about our Health and Medical Administrative Services - Associate of Applied Science degree program, please contact CHCP today.