Here is a brain teaser… can you identify a specific healthcare career where there is no direct patient care contact? The answer -- Health Information Management (HIM)!

The HIM professional works in healthcare administratively behind the scenes.  HIM professionals may apply their knowledge of coding medical data for accurate and optimal reimbursement; they may provide professional guidance to develop and refine the technologies and procedures that manage the numerous aspects of a longitudinal health record, covering the lifespan of the patient; or they may be responsible for the security and quality of the patient’s health care record.  

These are just several examples of what lies ahead in an exciting career managing patient health information, supporting electronic health systems, and protecting the privacy, accuracy and security of patient information. The College of Health Care Professions offers an online applied associate’s (two year) degree in Health Information Technology and an online bachelor’s (4 year) degree in Health Informatics, which focuses on the types of technology systems and processes used in HIM.

The demand for HIM career professionals is growing rapidly due to the technological advancements in healthcare and the large number of retiring baby boomers that will need healthcare services. The U.S. Department of Labor “projects a 22% growth rate from 2012-2022,” and notes “this rate is much faster than the average for all occupations.”

The versatility of career paths within the HIM profession have branched out into many specialized areas at an increasing rate, and with the advent of the Electronic Health Record, continue to evolve as needed to support the vast infrastructure that the Electronic Health Record creates within the health care community.  Can you picture yourself as a future HIM professional? 

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